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Vivien's Reel of past projects
All of Vivien's past projects are outlined in detail below with additional photos and videos.
Vivien at the Next Food Network Star, Season 3
The Next Food Network Star
Vivien joined the cast of "The Next Food Network Star" airing June 3 , 2007  Sunday night at 9:00pm  EST.
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The Next Food Network Star - Vivien's Best Moments
Audition tape for The Next Food Network Star

Vivien's Audition
Vivien on Reality ReMix

Reality ReMix
Promo videos for "The Next Food Network Star" show on the Food Network


Cooking for Firefighters

Taco Class

La Creperie

Vivien at the beach

Vivien Salsa Dancing

WLCI Chefs Video
Vivien's Miscellaneous Promo videos and other work
Passion Cuisine
Passion Cuisine is a cooking show that expresses Vivien's passion and love for cooking. Filmed in the intimacy of her own kitchen, Vivien shares easy and healthy recipes inspired by the Latin background of her native Brazil. Passion Cuisine is done in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Passion Cuisine - English Version
Passion Cuisine - Spanish Version
Passion Cuisine - Brazilian Version
Passion Cuisine - Promo
Vivien Unleashed

Vivien Unleashed
Vivien Unleashed is a show about cooking based on Vivien's philosophy that entertaining should be hassle-free. The show projects an easy and fun attitude, while teaching the audience how to shop, present and cook an amazing meal in a short amount of time with creativity and zero stress. For Vivien, entertaining is an opportunity to create joyful experiences and to share love with family and friends.
Levi's Commercial

Levi's Commercial
Levi's Commercial with Brad Pitt